Däcksförskruvning Waste

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Däcksförskruvning Waste

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I have custom made wastetank in stainless steel. It can only be emptied into the water. Its located under the midcabin in a Fjord 24.

I would like to be able to empty it via a suction pump on land. I was thinking about installing this one in the tank:
https://www.watski.se/Septiktanktmning- ... tnr=105599

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Däcksförskruvning Waste

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Yes, that is the right one.
If you have a sea cock in the hull för the waste outlet you only need to add a T-coupling on the hose to the deck fitting. Keep it simple.
Don't forget to check the air vent to the tank, a 19mm is recommended for pump out station, a 13mm will not bring enough air into the tank.
Buy a high quality hose to prevent odour and don't go for the cheap ones, you will not regret it after a few years :wink:
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