Fjord club membership

Information to become a Fjord Club member 

The easiest way to pay the yearly membership fee. The fee is 250 Swedish kronor or 25 EURO. Boat owners inside the European Union can use the EU-payment method.  This is a low cost bank transfer between EU countries and by EU law it  should cost 1 EURO only.  You will need the clubs IBAN (International bank account number): SE 68 9500 0099 6026 0149 3683 and BIC: NDEASESS.

Boat owners outside the EU will need to use international bank  transfer services. No cash or bank cheque can be handled.

If you live within Sweden you can also pay 250 SEK or 25 Euro to swedish PlusGiro account number 14 93 68-3.

Important! Do not forget to write your name, address and email address on the payment form. If you pay via the Internet, fill in your name in the message box and send an email to our cashier by cliking this Link:

For payment questions and to contact our cashier click here!

To contact Fjord club in other matters click here!