Volvo Penta AQ 270 Exhaust Flap

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Volvo Penta AQ 270 Exhaust Flap

Inlägg av Dirk » 02 okt 2019, 18:14

Hy guys,

at my AQ 270 were the exhaust flaps down.
In germany we only can get the complete exhaust outlet with housing and flap for 500€.
So i made a mould with the printer and filled it with polyuretane.
55 Shore hardeness. Complete handmade.
When someone is interested in this i can make some more.
For material and work 55€ per piece plus shipping.
See the pictures in the link.
When you are interested send me a message per PM ... CNjga?dl=0

Best Regards


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Re: Volvo Penta AQ 270 Exhaust Flap

Inlägg av Lars Lundbladh » 02 okt 2019, 20:34

Hi Dirk

Great idea, these flaps are also avvailbale in Sweden from drevdelar: ... 75a-sp-990 ... 75-275a-sp

Drevdelar has most of the parts for older sterndrives.

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